New Digs

One of my goals over the holidays was to rework my personal website. I actually really liked the previous theme, but over the course of the last six months or so have received numerous emails from people that either a) didn’t like the black background or b) didn’t like the font usage and sizes (granted, I actually like really tiny fonts, which isn’t that great from a usability perspective). I sat down in front of the TV tonight at around 9pm and decided to try and hack something out that would make it easier for that group of people, while also allowing me to make a few improvements with regards to navigation and site layout. A couple of key changes: […]

Et Tu, Flickr?

I’ve been a pro member of Flickr for years now, and it’s one of the few services where dropping $30 a year is a no brainer for me. Unfortunately, they seem to have done something to the service the other day that makes it more difficult for me to use in general now. Specifically, I used to be able to option click on a photo and copy the image URL so I could use it in a blog posting. Now on the individual photo pages, an option click seems to automatically put you in notes editing mode. Anyways, not sure what they did, but I really hope they undo it. It makes my blogging workflow a bit more laborious (right […]

Gonna be some changes around here

I’m pretty beat, having spent a good portion of the day traveling again. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver, with the strong head winds, was almost six hours long – thankfully it was extremely bearable up in business class, thanks to my hot towel and my tasty meals. Despite all the perks associated with business class (and there are many), I think the main one I enjoyed is that the flight attendants and people you encounter all automatically treat you with respect. If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it. If you don’t like your seat, they’ll help you move. Worried about your luggage? No problem — you get a fancy “PRIORITY” tag put on it. Try any […]

The Journey Home

Well, I’m currently sitting in my boxers in a Montreal hotel about to go to sleep. I spent most of the day either thinking about traveling, or actually traveling, so when I landed in Montreal at 7pm, I was a bit tired from the whole ordeal. Leaving a foreign country where the rules of leaving aren’t really clearly defined is a bit stressful for me. The whole tourist card thing turned out to be not a big deal, and eventually I made it through customs and security. It’s amazing how less anxious I become whenever I land back in Canada — there’s a certain comfort with knowing your bank card will always work, and you speak the primary language of […]

Changes in the Air

On Friday, I met up briefly with Rebecca down at the Six Acres in Gastown for a few drinks on a patio. It was a good way to start a Friday afternoon, and since I had only woken up a few hours prior, I was definitely in the mood to drink and grab something to eat. Afterwards, we went down to the west-end for some pizza, and to hang out with John, who was busy playing with Dave Olsen’s new microphone on his computer. A bunch of my new blogger-type friends (most of which I originally ran into down at Northern Voice) were down at DemoCamp the other day, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling up to venturing out of the […]