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Whirlwind New Year's Adventure


Wednesday night I boarded a plane for Charlotte, North Carolina to ring in the New Year with some friends at the Whisky River tavern. I got in early in the morning yesterday, took a nap, then dolled myself up a bit for the event. Mike Smith (Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys) was actually there too, and he got up on stage and sung his Liquor and Whores song. Afterwards, Matt put on a great one-hour set, with Mike Smith joining in on Born Losers. After the show we all just hung out at some tables on the side and […]

And Away We Go


I’m currently sitting at Gate C43 in Vancouver International airport, on my way to Charlotte, NC for New Year’s eve party with a few friends. My friend Matt is the live entertainment for a party that Dale Earnhardt Junior is throwing, and I thought it would be cool to ring in the new year with everyone down there instead of spending it in Chilliwack. Flights around this time of year are around $800 return, but thanks to that recent terrorist scare, I found a couple steals for a little over $300 return, which is why I booked yesterday. So I’m […]