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Slow Carb Chilli Recipe

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Many people have heard the phrase low-carb before – basically a low-carb food implies food with a minimal amount of carbohydrates in it. I would say that any particular low-carb meal should probably have less than 10 grams of digestible carbs in it if it is be classified as a low-carb meal. The motivation for doing so is to limit the amount of insulin that gets produced after the meal. Since insulin directly influences the accumulation of fat, a low-carb diet/meal minimizes the amount of fat that can be stored after a meal, and often leads to more stable blood sugar. A slow-carb meal on the other hand doesn’t aim to minimize all carbs, just ones that have a big impact on insulin and blood sugar. Carbohydrates in that category would be potatoes, carrots, sugar, flour, and anything else that’s fairly starchy. A slow-carb diet is generally recommended over a […]