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Entry #9 – Chip's Not Dead Yet


A few months ago, another event occurred that was intended to help raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. That event was the Chip’s Not Dead Yet memorial mile. Here’s a little quote from the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as shown on the Chip’s Not Dead Yet site: The Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile supports BC Children’s Hospital and the uphill battles faced by children who are trying to get well, and the medical staff who are trying to make miracles happen. Children are precious and the most vulnerable members of our society. They rely on us to care for them. We also know today that most of the common adult diseases find their origins in early childhood and by investing in the health of children we are investing in the future health of the entire population. Joining with Chip, we share the responsibility for seeing that nothing […]

Chip's Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile – A Fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital


Last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to a social media gathering in the penthouse of the Loden Hotel In Vancouver. The reason for everyone coming together was to discuss how social media can help the BC Children’s Hospital annual “Chip’s Not Dead Yet” Memorial Mile fundraiser that takes place in Vancouver The actual event is a one mile race where everyone is welcome to participate. Part of the fun is that people can dress up in whatever costumes they want and simply participate in an effort to help raise money for the children: Think of this as part run, walk, parade and party. The goal is to participate, celebrate life and raise money for BC Children’s Hospital. On Saturday June 20th 2009, West 10th Avenue will be completely closed to traffic and the event starts. All participants will amass at either Discovery Street. for the Pooch, Family, […]