Toronto, Day One

Well, judging from the beer bottles all around me and the chinese food stain on the bed, I think I had a pile of fun last night. I did my best to keep track of how many beers I had via facebook, but it looks like I lost count at the end or had trouble counting. I went with Raymi and Phil to the hospital when I arrived in the hotel since she hasn’t been feeling that well. There they gave my a Christmas present, which included this cute little guy that plays the guitar (thanks guys, I’ll post a photo later). After that, Raymi and I started our nacho-fest with some down at Sneaky Dees. We both sort of […]

28 Days Later

A few minutes ago, I took the last of the foul-tasting, side-effect inducing crud that I started nearly four weeks ago. The last few days have been particularly hard, and I’ve found myself extremely tired, have had a metallic taste in my mouth, and also a fairly bad migraine. While most of my family played board games tonight, I was forced to retire to the couch in the other room and attempt to out-sleep my pounding head. 168 little antibiotic goodies The Last 2 Out Of 168 Pills Hopefully in the next day or so, as the drug leaves my system, I’ll start feeling alot like my old self again. I should also be healthy again, which is the most […]

Chad And Danielle's Christmas Party

Last night I made the long trek out of the downtown core and ended up near Metrotown, which surprisingly isn’t as far away as I imagined. Chad has a really nice pad out there, complete with an outdoor deck that would be just killer for summer parties and BBQing. Chad has a tradition at his party where everyone has to pick a decoration for the tree, and then proceed to make love to it somehow. Not sure how this came to be, but everyone eagerly began licking and kissing their decorations. After everyone had hit the beers in the fridge, Chad promptly dove straight into his massive scotch collection and started going crazy on that. After a few, he basically […]


So it’s not very often something can make me bust out loud laughing, but this did the trick. I’m a closet Star Trek nerd, and used to sit around and watch episodes with my dad growing up. One of my favorites is when Kirk takes sand and rocks and shit and blows up that Godzilla looking guy on that weird planet. He’s that good. I found this photo on Christie’s facebook page, and she told me it was cool to blog it. This thing still cracks me up every time I see it. ** Update, the green Godzilla looking thing is a Gorn. Thanks guys.