Some North American Shopping

I have this fear, especially as a guy with a bit of meat on his bones, that it’ll always be hard for me to obtain clothing in other countries. It is probably unfounded, as not everyone in Buenos Aires was rail thin, but it’s still one of the things I worry about when abroad. It’s frustrating enough buying clothing for myself in North America and having things not fit my Ukrainian physique, but when you toss in a language barrier as well, it’s not something I’m entirely looking forward to attempting one day. That’s why prior to all my trips so far I’ve made a point of buying some new clothes that will (hopefully) last the duration of my trip. […]

Time For New Clothes

I haven’t purchased anything new for myself to wear in probably a full year at this point. Unfortunately for me, that means most things in my wardrobe are starting to look pretty ratty. In fact, I was wearing a shirt the other day and noticed at the end of the day that there was a big hole in it that didn’t used to be there. Yes it’s true, I’m that awesome. I was telling Dale the other day that I’m probably about two shirts away from seriously having to consider wearing a garbage bag for the day. So, definitely time to go out and buy a few new things. Unfortunately, I don’t really want to buy that much since I’m […]

Broken Dryer

My dryer at home basically stopped working a few weeks ago, so I’ve been rotating ever-so-slowly through my wardrobe. My landlord was going to come by and take a look at it, but I don’t think he’s been feeling very well lately. So anyways, considering I’m out of clean clothes and I’m out of clean sheets, I decided to take care of it today. So I’m working from home, waiting for a repair guy to come by and fix it up. While I’m at it, I’m going to rant about people who play the lottery. I got no problem that you want to play 6-49 all day, but please make some decisions before you get to the counter. It seems […]

Lunch And Shopping

I met my friend Keira-Anne for a quick lunch down at Pacific Center a while ago, and then hit the mall hard on a quest to buy some clothes. I rarely shop for clothes, not because I don’t like buying clothes, but because I’m really picky and always end up leaving frustrated. Since I only had 45 minutes, I decided to be less picky and just go with the flow. I ended up buying two pairs of nice jeans, and a few cool shirts for the weekend. Pretty much everything I bought was on sale, but it still ended up being around $400 after tax. Not bad for 45 minutes of work. I have so much to do tonight it’s […]