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Last Night Gas Station Beer Run, Part II


So, it’s 30 minutes past midnight, and we just got back from another long day at Google. I’m sitting in Scott’s 82 degree fahrenheit hotel room with Derek and twelve beers. Last night we realized that a 14 hour day would be a lot better if we had a few beers to finish it off, so we basically started the midnight-gas-station-beer-run tradition. For those of you who don’t really know what Silicon Valley is like, I’ll give you a little heads up. Most of Silicon Valley is centered around a city south of San Francisco called San Jose (affectionately called “Man Jose” by the locals, since it’s predominantly populated by guys). Unfortunately, there’s not really much to do in the high-tech areas except for work, or drink gas station beer. We’ve done fairly well on both of those activities so far. I spent most of today messing around with the […]