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Buenos Aires, Day 16


I’ve managed to do a weekly update on the past two Fridays of the month, so I think going forward that’s going to by my goal for the rest of the trip. First off, I’ve been here a little over two weeks now. The total length of my time in Buenos Aires is about 12 weeks, so that means I have around 10 left I think. My first week here was a bit challenging, mostly for the language barrier. I spent a bit of time brushing up on my spanish, and week 2 definitely was a bit easier. Spanish This week I finally found a private spanish teacher and have been meeting her for two hours a night on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that’s an extra six hours a week. We’ve mostly been reviewing old content, so I wouldn’t say I’ve learned too much new during lessons, but I […]

The End Of Summer


Walking around WordCamp Portland today it was completely evident not only how much work has gone into it, but just how big the WordPress community is here in Portland. I knew this would be a good event, and have been pleasantly surprised with the number of people randomly coming up to me and saying hi, or just passively making WordPress conversation. I commented during my talk today that other web events have tickets with prices that can range up to $700 or so. Most WordCamps, due largely in part to help from sponsors, have prices that average around $25 or so. As a result, anyone who wants to come to the event typically can, and the events are the better for it. When I crossed the border on my way down here, the border guard gave me a hard time because I was speaking at the conference. He asked how […]

Chilliwack Wi-Fi Spots


Well, given that Rebecca has Surrey covered in terms of blogging, I might as well take the reins here with Chilliwack. I’ve spent most of my time here at home since I moved back, but I’m going to start venturing out more and more. I’ve been keeping my eye out for Wi-Fi spots in town, and wanted to present a list for anyone ever looking for where they are. I’ll keep updating this post over time as Chilliwack slowly emerges from the dark ages. Starbucks out in Vedder Crossing – (paid hotspot) | map Java Hut (near Future Shop) – (free hotspot) | web | map Major Leagues 2 Sports Pub – (free hotspot apparently) | map Decades Coffee | web | map I have a hard time going to a Chilliwack pub and pulling out my laptop, which is why I have yet to test the Wi-Fi at Major […]

It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood


Ah yes. The sun is almost shining, and I had a good sleep. I free pretty good. I’m just packing my bags to head to Chilliwack for the day and hang out a bit with my nephew on his birthday. First order of business is to run downstairs and get some coffee though. The best part is there’s still a pile of weekend left, so I can do some more relaxing back home on the couch. I’ll probably head back out to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon as I have some stuff I want to get finished up out here. Also, I think it’s about time to take my Christmas tree down. What do you think?

How To Make Shitty Coffee 101


First off, I met with my supervisor tonight to finalize my thesis.. Although I don’t have an official answer yet, it’s very likely I’ll be giving my defense next Thursday.. That’s really soon, and I have a lot of work to do before then, but the good news is then I’m completely done before I go on vacation, which would be pretty awesome.. There will definitely be booze ‘a flowin ‘a plenty Thursday night if I pull it off. On Friday I’m going to Cirque de Soleil, so I hope that my defense is Thursday so I can go out and get sloshed. On another note, I found the best way ever to make shitty coffee, should you ever want to attempt this at home. Here’s how: Put water into a kettle and pretend to turn it on (the coffee is shittier if you actually *meant* to turn it on, […]