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Go Green Or Go Home, Part I


As most of you remember, last year I threw the environmental gauntlet down and challenged all my readers to replace their old, energy inefficient incandescent light-bulbs with the newer CFL variant. Many of my friends and readers quickly went to work and replaced many of the bulbs in their houses, some even going as far to replace every single one. I replaced most of the ones in my apartment, and probably save on average of about 0.3kWh every day in my place alone. I actually started a Flickr group for this purpose last year to help motivate people. I was a bit surprised to go into it tonight and see people still adding photos into it. The first thing I’d like to do is re-open last year’s challenge. CFL light-bulbs are energy efficient, and reduce the energy requirements per light-bulb by approximately 75%. That means a typical 60W light bulb […]

Plugin Competition


Last week, John got a hold of me on iChat and let me know about a WordPress plugin competition. Since I have written a few of them, I thought I might as well enter the Crossroads Flickr plugin into the competition. While the contest winners haven’t been announced yet, they have announced all the participants over at one of the sites. If you are a user of the plugin, head on over and give it an honest rating.