On The Olympic Agenda

I’m going to have to spend some time going through all my friends’ previous posts about the Olympics, because truthfully, I really have no idea where any cool events or things to see or do are, other than the actual events. It sounds like there are a lot of international houses that are worth visiting, as well as a few pubs (although based on some of the Tweets, the prices seem rather incredible for beer, even by Vancouver standards). As it stands, I have a few events to attend next week already. There’s a party/event on Robson I’ve been invited to, which I may swing by and check out. There’s also a Molson tasting for the new Rickard’s Dark which […]

Concert and Low Light Photography

Without a doubt, shooting in low-light conditions is one of the most challenging aspects of taking photographs. I would still probably rate weddings a bit more challenging (since most weddings include some elements of low-light in addition to outdoor shots), but it’s definitely near the top of my difficulty scale. With the advent of digital cameras, most SLR bodies now have the ability to allow the user to arbitrarily increase the ISO setting on the camera in order to improve the low-light responsiveness. So obviously when a photographer encounters a low-light situation, he or she can simply increase the ISO sensitivity of the camera to compensate. I can actually handle random noise fairly well in my photographs, but there’s another […]

Sarah McLachlan

Blog traffic is pretty low, even by weekend standards. So I can only assume that everyone’s out enjoying the long weekend. I’ll keep this post short for now. We all had a rather crappy sleep last night, so we’re a bit tired. We went down to the main stage early in the morning and managed to catch a few artists doing sound check. Here’s a quick shot of Sarah McLachlan. Here’s a quick video I took of sound check. It’s not finished converting yet, but head over and take a look.

In Victoria

Just a quick post. I met up with Arieanna this morning at the helicopter pad for our trip to Victoria. The helicopter was a lot of fun, and surprisingly smooth. We picked up our media passes a while ago, and are about to go get some fish and chips somewhere. Look for more shots later. You can follow my Flickr stream by clicking here. Also, I’ll be posting to Twitter from my iPhone throughout the day, so add me on Twitter here.

Update – Hotwire came through for me again. We’re going to be staying at the Magnolia Luxury Boutique Hotel right in Inner Harbour. So exciting. The other day Arieanna contacted me via Twitter and asked if I wanted a photo pass for the festivities this weekend in Victoria. Since I haven’t been to Victoria in a few years, I thought it might be a good opportunity to sample some island beer and take some photos. Sometimes photo passes just let you get your camera in the door, and aren’t really anything special. However, Arieanna just got confirmation that our passes include access to the front-stage pit, as well as backstage and potentially interview access. I’m more of a photo kind […]

Happy Canada Day

Whenever I think of Canada Day, I am always reminded of the few years I spent in Ottawa. Out there, Canada day is a day-long party, where they basically shut the downtown core down and let everyone mingle, get their face painted, and for those of you of legal drinking age, have a few street-side beer. At the end of the night there was always a big concert on Parliament Hill. So by comparison, Canada Day in Vancouver is pretty tame. Last year I got together with some friends and had a few pints in various locations around the downtown core. This year, I don’t really have any plans, but will probably sneak out at some point and take a […]

On Vacation

I’ve had a few people email me lately and wonder why I haven’t really been blogging lately. Truth is, I’m on holidays, and I haven’t really thought about blogging all that much. I’ve been laying low, drinking wine, doing web work, and catching up on Lost, season 4. So far, I’m enjoying myself. Tomorrow is Matthew Good’s show down at the Orpheum in Vancouver. I’m getting together with some fans and members of matthewgood.org prior to the show, which should be a lot of fun. I haven’t seen Matt play with a full band in a few years, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. This weekend I’m planning to hopefully head up to Birkinhead Lake or somewhere similar for […]

The 2008 Canadian Juno Awards

When the Juno awards were announced a few months ago, I put my name on the list for media accreditation. I didn’t hear anything for a while, so I sort of assumed it wasn’t going through. Today I got an email saying I had a media pass, which means I have full access to photograph the Canadian Juno Awards. I’ll be photographing and writing on behalf of Urban Vancouver, so look on my blog and over there from time to time for photos and a few entries. I still have to sort everything out and see if I can get a hotel room and what not, but it’s fairly likely I’ll be heading to Calgary for the first weekend in […]


John and I made it. I was pounding back caffeine most of the way which meant I had to pee a lot, but we’re at the Holiday Inn now (yes, very classy I know), having a liquid dinner in the hotel. We’ll be heading down to the Tractor Tavern in about 90 minutes to catch the show. I’m charging the camera now, so hopefully I’ll grab a few shots. Also, just checked the official website. The only musician to have a sell-out at the Tractor Travern this month:

Tired, But Heading South

I’m leaving in just a little while to make the trek south of the border. Tonight is Matthew Good’s show down at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, and John and I decided we’d go and listen to Matt, all while enjoying a few drinks away from home. Unfortunately, I haven’t slept well all week, and last night didn’t manage to close my eyes until almost 6am. When my alarm woke me up at around 9am, I was exhausted. So right now, I’m completely running on caffeinated fumes. I’ll be fine for the drive, but I’m worried about making it a late night, not unless I manage to sleep for an hour or so when I get there. We’ll see though. […]