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Updated Page Content


I spent some time tonight updating my about page, the site information page, and my media kit. I also dumped the content of my FriendFeed stream to my new streams page. I’ve loving the layout options with the new site changes. Can’t wait to slowly build it out over the next few weeks.

The Fracturing Of Content


I sat down right now to write a blog entry, and this is the one I came up with. There have been numerous entries on various websites over the last few weeks that have hinted that blogging is dead. While I don’t necessarily believe them, I can’t help but see some truth in a few of their statements. First, let it not be forgotten that the *ability* to blog is at an all time maximum. Thanks to the work of Automattic and WordPress, it’s relatively painless to start a blog, either on WordPress.com or on your own hosted server. That being said, I have to question just how many people are listening these days, and of those, how many really care to participate in genuine discussions. With regards to my own blog, traffic has stayed fairly constant over the last year or so. The proportion of traffic has changed, moving […]