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100 Dead Dogs


As most people on Twitter now know, a dogsledding company in Whistler has recently admitted that it killed 100 of its dogs after demand was less than anticipated after the winter olympics. Instead of euthanizing these animals, allegedly some employee was given the task of killing these animals one by one and then burying them, some apparently while still alive. Obviously this act is causing a lot of people to be upset. I personally think it’s an extreme form of cruelty, and that the company and people involved should be punished. These animals should have been offered up to others, or at the very least, have been euthanized humanely and without pain. But Darren on Twitter raises an interesting point – why is it that these events cause people to be so worked up, when they are relatively common place within our own food system? In fact, I know a […]

Eating Local Food


I said the other day that I wasn’t going to make any New Year’s resolutions, and for the most part that’s true. One thing I’d like to do this year though is to try and eat as healthy as possible. For starters, I gave up soft drinks the other day completely. I’m sure I’ll still have a rum and diet coke from time to time, since it’s been my drink of choice for around 12 years now, but I’m going to try not to drink any type of carbonated beverages around home for the most part if I can. I haven’t had any diet coke in about five days now, which is a pretty big accomplishment. Second, and I imagine this will fluctuate as well, I’ve reduced my caffeine intake to basically nothing right now. While I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee from time to time, I’ve had […]

The Sweet Smell Of Shit


Strangely enough, my home town, and the town I’m currently living in, has a reputation for smelling pretty bad. Truthfully, it’s a farming community, so that smell is usually just manure or other organic matter than ultimately yields everyone’s favourite Chilliwack corn or other farming goodness. I’d be the first to admit that as a kid that smell used to gross me out occasionally. But really, you only can smell it in the summer, and only pretty much in the heart of the growing season. Most of the time in the winter all you smell is that crisp, clean air that comes as a result of being surrounded by snow-capped mountains. As an adult though, I find that I actually don’t mind the smell at all. Maybe it’s all the years I spent in Vancouver smelling the urine-filled alleys and stairwells, or maybe I’m just conscious of the fact that […]