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Meet Mac


This is my mac. He’s pretty fun, kind of shinny, not too heavy, and he can nearly last a whole DVD without dying. But when he sleeps, he sometimes doesn’t wake up. When I iPhoto him too hard, sometimes he rebels and he goes to sleep instead. When I photoshop, sometimes he chugs away doing something else, almost like “don’t worry, I’ll get to that eventually.” I put more ram in Mac, hoping to make him happier, but he’s still sad. When he crashes, he does it slowly to rub it in, slowly fading the screen from top to bottom until he’s gone. He used to do this once a month, but lately he does it more. When Mac was new, he didn’t do any of these things. He was exciting, he was fast, he didn’t crash and he liked waking up in the morning. He iPhoto’ed for hours, played […]