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Beware The Old Lady


I went for a walk at lunch to clear my mind, and ended up strolling through a little park in Palermo. There was an empty bench that was cast in a bit of shade from a large tree, so I sat down with the intention of relaxing for a few minutes while listening to music. About 45 degrees to my right was another guy on a bench casually reading a book, and 45 degrees to my left was another guy who was taking a little nap on his bench. Just a couple of dudes enjoying a nice sunshiny day in the park. A few minutes later, this old women approaches the guy reading a book and starts muttering to him in Spanish. I sort of assume she’s asking the guy for some money, since that’s the vibe she’s giving off. I’m not sure what they said to each other, but […]

Crime In Buenos Aires, Argentina


One of the biggest questions people always ask me about Buenos Aires is whether or not it is a safe city. Buenos Aires has an international reputation (at least lately) of being riddled with petty crime. Prior to coming here, I did quite a few scans on the internet and there is no shortage of sites talking about people’s personal experiences with crime in Buenos Aires. In fact, many of the locals talk about it like getting something stolen is almost a rite of passage in this city. Upon landing in the city for the first time, you’re immediately bombarded with stores covered in iron bars and graffiti as far as the eye can see. On the surface, it definitely looks like a potentially unsafe city, at least compared to cities back home. But what’s the reality of the situation? The Publishing Bias In university research there’s a term called […]

Piggy Banks


I actually came home with the intention of writing two separate blog entries, but I’m so frickin tired that I’m only gonna be able to get this one out. This is a pretty crazy little time at work right now, and I’m on day two of a pretty hard two week push. Yesterday was a 12 hour day at work, and today was pretty close to 14. By Friday I’m definitely going to be ready for a few drinks (or maybe a long nap). Anyways. I was chatting wtih my brother-in-law on MSN earlier today, and he let me know that their house was broken into in Chilliwack this morning. The guys made away with most of the expensive electronics: two laptops, some random computer stuff, and a playstation portable (PSP). I’m sure they took more electronics (since Andy is a gadget-whore like myself), but those were the big highlights […]