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Cross-Processing And The World Of Film


So, I gotta hand it to my pal Kris — he’s managed to get me interested in something I never thought I’d be interested in again — film photography. Kris is a really awesome fashion photographer here in Vancouver, and his stuff never ceases to amaze me. What’s interesting about Kris, and a variety of the local photographers I’ve met recently, is that they have started shooting film again. Which is sort of surprising, given the focus local photography shops seem to place on digital nowadays (I called several local stores recently to talk about film, and most of them didn’t even have film cameras in stock anymore). So, since I’m intrigued by this, I’ve been in the market for a cheap film SLR that will be able to utilize all the current lenses I have in my kit. Since most of my lenses are pretty decent now, and the […]