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Fed Says QE3 Is Possible


In times like this, I hate being right. I met with a few financial people Friday afternoon at their offices in Abbotsford. As I was leaving, I casually asked everyone who worked there what they thought about the recent run of gold. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, depending on how up to date you are with what’s going on), they didn’t seem to think it meant anything, and that the US economy was going to recover shortly. I then made a comment that I wouldn’t be surprised if the US did another round of Quantitative Easing (QE3 I dubbed it), but they simply laughed that comment off. Not more than 48 hours after I was there, Ben Bernanke goes on 60 Minutes and says that another round of quantitative easing is definitely possible. That guy seems to be determined to destroy the US dollar at all costs. One of the side […]