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Getting Cash In Buenos Aires


Obtaining money has little idiosyncrasies in every part of the world. In the Caribbean for example, it’s easy to obtain money in US dollars, but hard to get anyone to break any of the bills the ATM machines give out. When I was in Costa Rica, we had issues because many bank machines only allowed 4-digit pins, while some banks in Canada (notably Royal Bank at the time), used five digit pins. So we had to drive nearly 60 minutes out of town to find a bank machine that would take five digits. Buenos Aires is no different, although the situation is slightly better. I commented on another post how it’s hard to break a 100 peso bill here (not impossible, but difficult unless you’re spending 60 pesos or so). That’s the equivalent of around $25 in Canada. Imagine going to 7-11 back home, handing over a $20 bill to […]

Currency and The Cost Of Living in Buenos Aires


I’ve been walking around spending pesos like they were going out of style this week, so I thought a post about money would be an interesting subject. I picked up around 1200 pesos when I arrived (which is about $300 CAD), and that’s lasted me until now. I’m starting to get a little bare (I think I have around 300 left or so), but I’ve stocked up the fridge, eaten out a few times, and gone on a few drinking adventures. First, the 100 peso bill. It seems to be the main one that banks and currency exchange places dish out. The only problem is many of the smaller establishments don’t seem to want to cash them, not unless you’re spending close to 100 pesos at their store. Surprisingly, a waitress at a fairly large Irish pub yesterday asked if I had something smaller, which I didn’t. Thankfully they still […]