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Arrival In Buenos Aires


I landed in Buenos Aires yesterday (it seems like a lot longer based on how much I’ve done since then), but so far it is shaping up to be an amazing experience. The flight from Houston was fairly uneventful. I popped a few anti-anxiety pills and then did my best to sleep for as much of the flight as I could. We hit a fairly long bit of turbulence right as we were passing the equator (not sure if that’s the reason), so that kept me from sleeping for a while. But after that was done, the rest of the flight was fairly smooth. Once we were on the ground, I slowly made my way to the customs area. The first area you encounter is the reciprocity area where Canadians, Europeans and Americans have to pay an extra fee to visit Argentina. The line was about 15 minutes long, after […]

Some Interesting Facts From My Travels


Whenever you travel somewhere new, there are invariably a bunch of local customs or behaviors that you encounter that are completely opposite to those back home. I try to keep a mental list in my head such that I can try to seem less out of place when I return to a location a second time. Here’s a partial list of things that I’ve encountered on my travels that are different in various locations: In the United States, soft drinks are called “Soda”, not “Pop”. Most people will either giggle when you say the latter, or not know what it means In Oregon, all gas stations are full service. You’ll get in crap if you try to fill up your own car In San Francisco, you need a ZIP code to fill up with gas. If you don’t have one, the machine won’t work. I suspect 90210 is pretty popular, […]