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Happy Birthday Dad


I’ll admit, keeping up with birthdays on my blog is pretty hard to do. I have a hard enough time remembering dates and making phone calls when they roll around, something I’m thankful my sister helps me out with. That being said, I missed blogging about one on Sunday, probably because I was so exhausted from Blogathon. It was my dad’s birthday this last Sunday, and I just wanted to wish him a happy belated birthday from my website here. I managed to remember to call him on Sunday, but somehow this blog entry got missed (sorry bud). Hopefully we can get together for a quick drink sometime in the near future.

Happy Fathers Day


I’m currently on the ferry heading back to Vancouver frm an awesome weekend on the island, courtesy of Coast Hotels. I should be home sometime later today. But in the meantime, as it’s fathers day, I wanted to wish my dad, Tom, and my step dad, Marty, a happy fathers day! Happy fathers day guys!

Big T's In The House


My dad is coming out to hang out at my place tonight. We’re probably just going to sit around, watch movies, and maybe have a few beers. I don’t get many opportunities to head home and visit my family these days, so it’s definitely nice when they find the time to come into the city and see me.

Entry #21: Happy Birthday Dad


Today is my father’s birthday. He has been spending the last few days on a great fishing trip adventure, flying around various parts of British Columbia with some friends and fishing. As I’ve pointed out before, my dad is not only my father, but also one of my good friends. We’ve had lots of great adventures together, and hopefully we’ll keep the tradition going. Given that we’re both so busy these days, it’s not very often we manage to get together and hang out. But that fact makes the time we do spend together that much more enjoyable. So on that note, I want to wish my dad an awesome birthday. Happy Birthday bud.

Back In The Wack


Ahh, relaxation. Definitely enjoying it. I’ve been sleeping lots, eating lots, and watching a pile of movies. For the most part, my ass has been firmly planted on the living room couch, but I’ve managed to get outside a bit and see some relatives. Today is Christmas over at my sister’s house. Since my parents are split, today is Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. I have two gifts each for my niece and nephew, so I’ll bring one set over today and leave the other here at my dad’s for tomorrow’s round. Us adults don’t really buy for each other, but we’ve always sort of enjoyed getting the kids a few things. My grandma (or Baba as we all call her), is a cute Ukrainian lady that has been a huge influence on my life. I spent a lot of my childhood over at her place watching […]

Father's Day


Today I made the trek out to Chilliwack for a mini-BBQ at my sister’s house in honour of father’s day. It was great seeing my family again, and I hung out long enough to play a few board games. My dad and my nephew, Derek Happy Father’s Day buddy.

Update from The Wack


Today is hopefully the day that my dad gets to go home from the ICU in Chilliwack. He went into New West. yesterday for angioplasty, and the initial word is that the surgery was a complete success. He’s got another 50 years of camping with the current hardware now. I spoke to him last night in the hospital via phone and he’s relieved and obviously happy to be going home.

Camping in the United States

So, this weekend I decided to leave the city life behind and join my dad and Cathy for a few days in the wilderness down south.? The destination was a little place along the ocean called Fort Casey, near Deception Pass, Washington.? I had a great time, consuming an ample amount of alcoholic beverages, and sitting by the fire. Unfortunately, the one major downside to travelling to the United States is having to go through customs on both sides.? No matter how many times I cross, or how many stamps I have in my passport, I always get grilled pretty hard.? It’s gotten worse now that I have a decent car.? ? The way down wasn’t that bad, although the border guy asked me “do you have anything in the car?”, which I had no idea how to respond to.? “Uhh, yeah, I have stuff in the car.”? ? The […]