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Entry #15: Blogathon Update


It’s around 4am, and I’m drafting this post on the couch, glancing up occasionally to watch a bit of Dances With Wolves on Apple TV. I’m on entry #15, which means I have about 33 left to go. I am already faltering a bit with regards to content, which I think is more of a result of my lack of sleep rather than my imagination. I’m hoping to actually post an entry or two in advance and grab a wink or two if possible. Otherwise I’ll be forced to do nearly a 40 hour stretch without sleep, which I imagine will prove rather difficult come tomorrow night. John and Raul both left sometime ago, so I am basically sitting in the dark leaning over my iMac. It was rather nice having a bit of company, and made it that much easier to stay the course. Now that they’re gone, I […]