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Why Do So Many Girls Date Douche Bags?


So, I’m sitting here camping, and trying to figure out just why it is that most cute girls ultimately end up dating complete Douche Bags. It’s almost universal to be honest, and while there are exceptions to the rule obviously, it’s something that I’ve never entirely understood. A friend of mine actually just got into a new relationship, and I’m pretty sure the guy ranks a nine or a ten on the Douche Bag Scale. It’s so obvious to me in fact that I really don’t understand how she possibly can’t see it. Interestingly enough, the last guy she dated was wearing a t-shirt that said “looking for a meaningful overnight relationship” the night they met, and yet despite that glowing warning sign, still ended up dating the guy. Strangely enough she said after the fact that the t-shirt should have tipped her off, and yet she didn’t realize it. […]

Picking Up The Bill On The First Date

Social Commentary

This is always a really great topic to bring up at the table after everyone has been drinking for hours. I obviously have my own opinions on this subject, but I thought it would be a fun one to bring out here. Given that a lot of people nowadays use Lavalife or one of the many other varieties of online dating services, what is the general opinion with regards to the guy picking up the bill on the first date? If you’re a guy, is that cool with you? If you’re a girl, would you pay your own portion? I know lots of girls who would openly admit they wouldn’t go out on a second date without the guy picking up the tab on the first one. Is that opportunistic, or just a slice of old-fashioned values?

Vancouver Dating Life


I saw this personal ad on craigslist tonight. This basically represents the type of ads I’ve grown accustomed to reading over the last year: I am an attractive woman so I deserve the best. He must be tall, athletic, and educated. He must be successful,drive a nice vehicle, live on his own (no roomates) and be on his way to owning his own home soon. He must be generous. He must be willing to pamper me, indulge me, and treat me like a princess.I want a man who will take me for nice dinners and someone who likes to travel (with me).I don’t mind if he has a busy schedual. I will make him happy in return in whatever way he desires. He must be in his mid 30’s. Please don’t even bother to respond if you lack any of the above criteria because I will ignore you. Why would […]

Free Nachos, Enquire Within


So, this is the first blog entry I’ve written in quite some time while disconnected from the internet. I’m about 30 minutes out of San Francisco, somewhere around 40,000 feet. I feel like complete shit, and I’m really glad I decided to head back today instead of risking being down south and getting even sicker. A few minutes ago I had my head in my lap in pretty much unbearable pain — turns out my right ear had some real problems adjusting to the change in pressure in the airplane, probably since I’m so congested right now. If I don’t see some major changes in how I feel by tomorrow, I’m heading to the first clinic around my place before I end up in the hospital with pneumonia. Before I left tonight, I went through the blog entries I’ve written over the last few months and realized that most of […]