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Happy Birthday Dave


Well, I’m not actually sure if it’s today, but Dave Olsen recently had a birthday. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dave in the last year or so through Rebecca and John, and he’s an outstanding guy with a real love for the Internet and his friends. Not only is he an amazing podcaster, but if he were about 75 pounds heavier I’m pretty sure he’d be one of the few people to keep up with me at the bar, no doubt about it. In addition, Dave and I have actually been cooking up a little web kung-fu that we’ll be talking about real soon. I was down in San Francisco this weekend, but had I been in town I would have gone camping with Dave and had a few beers. But hopefully Dave and I will get to hang out soon and have a few cold ones. […]

Launch Party Vancouver 3


Last Friday I met a pile of people from the Vancouver technology scene down at the Lamplighter pub in Gastown. Apparently that location is surrounded in controversy, since the Lamplighter has recently changed hands and has been transformed into a more “modern” establishment. I can’t say that I ever hung out in it before, but it seemed like a pretty cool place on Friday. I would have shown up and mingled regardless, but on Friday I volunteered to drop by and take some photos of the Vancouver Technology Women for this year. That list was put together by none other than blogger-extraordinaire, Dave Olsen. On that list was good pal and super hero, Rebecca Bollwitt. Rebecca Bollwitt Maura Rodgers was one of the main brains behind organizing the whole event, so a big thanks to her for putting it on (and for feeding me those free drinks all night, although […]