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Another Day Chugs By


When I got off the plane last night in Bellingham, I was immediately greeted with a big burst of autumn air. Apparently we’re just a few hours away, but last night you could smell it, the faint scent of another season gone by. Without a doubt, I’m looking forward to it, more so because my plate, which has been overflowing for the last little while, is almost clear. Unlike last summer, where I took a few weeks off, I didn’t really have much time off this summer, other than a day or two on either side of a weekend. The […]

Cloudy Day


It’s cloudy here today, which is a nice change to be honest. While lots of people love summer, I’m not really one of them. Sure, I like sitting on a beach as much as the next person, but I hate being too hot. Fall is probably my favorite season to be honest, since I love walking around with a coffee and taking photos. I’m off to do a few errands and to find a little coffee shop or something to do some work. Last night when I came back home my car smelt kind of burnt, so I’m not sure […]