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Back From The States


I got back from Deception Pass early this afternoon, and I have to say, it was a really great trip. I spent most of the time there just sitting around the campfire reading, often taking a sip from a can of beer when my attention wandered from the pages. I took a little day trip on Saturday, driving back along the water towards Anecortes, and then south towards Oak Harbour. Driving along the open road with the windows open made me realize just how long it has been since I’ve gotten away for a weekend. Not only that, but it makes me extremely excited for the block of time off I’m taking in June. One of the things that always amazes me while camping is just how good of a sleep I can get. I’m an extremely light sleeper, and on a typical night here in Vancouver, would estimate that […]

Heading South


Being that this weekend is the May long weekend, and unofficially (at least in British Columbia circles) the start of summer, I thought I might get in the car and take a little road trip. My sister and the kids are camping near Deception Pass in Washington, State, and I’m seriously considering hopping in the car later tonight and making the trek down to hang out with them. It’s supposed to be 30C, which is rather nice weather to be sitting outside. I have to see what the state of my camping gear is in the back of my car, but assuming it’s all there are prepped to go, I might head out around 8pm and see if I can get across the border.

Camping in the United States

So, this weekend I decided to leave the city life behind and join my dad and Cathy for a few days in the wilderness down south.? The destination was a little place along the ocean called Fort Casey, near Deception Pass, Washington.? I had a great time, consuming an ample amount of alcoholic beverages, and sitting by the fire. Unfortunately, the one major downside to travelling to the United States is having to go through customs on both sides.? No matter how many times I cross, or how many stamps I have in my passport, I always get grilled pretty hard.? It’s gotten worse now that I have a decent car.? ? The way down wasn’t that bad, although the border guy asked me “do you have anything in the car?”, which I had no idea how to respond to.? “Uhh, yeah, I have stuff in the car.”? ? The […]