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New Tube Amp Blog


I’ve made a few posts about the little tube amp project I’m probably going to tackle in the fall, but decided to put the entries on its own blog, as I want it to be a single glimpse into a big design and build process. If you want to follow along, subscribe to the feed over at tubeamp.posterous.com. It’ll probably only be an entry every week or so for the next few months as I debate things in my head, but I’m hoping to be in a position to build something in the fall or early winter.

Website Update


It’s been about three days since I launched the new site, and I’ve had some great feedback regarding it (thanks everyone). I’ve made a few small tweaks based on some comments, so hopefully it’s a bit better. I’ve been watching my traffic, and so far I’ve consistently about double the traffic (actually, a tad bit more) since launching. I’m sure part of that is a transient contribution from launching a new site and Twittering about it, but I’m fairly certain the traffic will definitely go up, since there’s now a lot more to do here now (specifically in the photography section). I’m also tracking bounce rate, and I’m hoping that goes down significantly for the same reasons. I generally don’t care that much about traffic, but as a metric for gauging the effectiveness of a new design and/or content change, I think it’s decent enough. I’ve slowly been tinkering away […]

More Theme Changes


Well, it was an interesting day in the blogosphere, one that I’m thankful is over. Tonight I was sitting at home debating drinking myself into a coma when Rebecca pinged me online and said I should come over for wine. I was pretty comfy in my flannel pants and briefly debated staying at home. But since I really needed a few drinks, I decided to head over as I was, flannel pants and all. So for the last few hours I’ve been sitting on Rebecca and John’s couch in my flannel pants with a big-ass afghan draped over me. It was pretty much exactly what I needed tonight (although I’m looking forward to a nice long shower when I get back home). If you poke around the site a bit more, you’ll see a few more changes I hacked out tonight. The recent comments are back, although I’ve scaled them […]