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My Computer Can Kick Your Computer's Ass


I was walking around my apartment this evening, and came to the realization that I have a ton of computer equipment. So much in fact that some of it is piled is various corners of my place. Here’s a small list of what I have sitting around: 1) iMac Core2-Duo 2.0 GHz Desktop 2) Macbook Pro Core2-Duo 1.8 GHz Laptop 3) Intel based 1.6 GHz mini-server running debian linux 4) Quad Core 2.4 GHz Centos-based mini-server with 1 TB raid 5 storage (I use this for storing photos and other things I don’t want to lose) 5) External 350 GB USB 2.0 drive, used for time machine backups 6) Apple TV 7) External DVD USB 2.0 Burner with LightScribe (I use this for sending photo discs to people) 8) Nokia N800 mobile device (this belongs to my work, but it’s here for now) Not a bad little collection for a […]