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Building A DIY LiFePO4 105Ah Solar Generator – Part 1


Not that long ago, I went on a camping trip to the Pyrenees and brought along my little 200Wh CTECHI portable battery. I was hoping to be able to open my laptop during the day, and do a bit of software development, all while enjoying the fresh air and the mountains. Unfortunately for me though, the campsite I was at hardly had any plugs to charge my laptop, and my portable battery ran out of power in just a few days. I did bring a smallish solar panel, and tried to charge it that way. But the CTECHI portable battery I had only showed a flashing light to show it was charging – it didn’t say at what rate it was charging. I was frustrated one day to see the solar panel ‘charged’ it all day, but the capacity didn’t increase at all. I managed to convince a local cafe […]