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Doping At The Olympics


You know, I’m pretty tired of hearing about Olympic scandals. I mean, so and so did drugs, what’s his name did dope, and what’s her name wasn’t legal age to compete. It’s hard to blame these athletes really, considering that the fireworks were faked for the broadcast, as was one of opening songs. I mean, there’s corruption all across the board. But you know, I think the penalties for the people caught doping are pretty loose. Sure, you might lose your medal after the fact, but some of them probably get away with it. It sounds pretty harsh, but I almost think that if you’re caught doping, you’re entire country should be disqualified at the Olympics that year. It would be sort of like when they send the entire squad on a 20 km run because some guy lipped off in the military. That will seem completely unfair to a […]