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A Kid No More


One of the strange things I find about getting older is the fact that I no longer enjoy the same things I used to. Board games are a good example — I just plain don’t like them these days. I don’t mind sitting around a camp fire and playing asshole for eight hours, but I can’t be bothered with something like monopoly. Another strange change is that I don’t really enjoy drinking or bars that much these days. I had a fairly crazy university life, and somehow (despite being in a dormitory filled with nerds and scholarship recipients) ended up […]

Quick Drinking Entry


So tonight I felt like having a few drinks, so I pinged Rebecca online and asked if it was ok if I showed up with a bunch of booze. In pure Surrey girl fashion, she said “yeah sure.” I spent the night hanging out with Rebecca and John, laughing my ass off to Canadian Top Models and some Comedy Show on the TV. I don’t do simple things like that enough these days, and it’s always nice just to relax on someone else’s couch from time to time. While outside, we were privileged enough to see a weird naked girl […]