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First Day In Peru: A Casual Day Around Cuzco


Luciana and I headed to the airport around 1am last night, with plans to catch a flight at 3:50am for Lima. Obviously that’s not an ideal flight time, but since it was heavily discounted we thought we could live with it. Another reason we booked that particular flight is that it was with TAM airlines, and they happen to be with Star Alliance. Since I’m going for Gold Status this year with Star Alliance, I welcomed the chance to get 6,000 more miles with them. Unfortunately when we got to the airport, TAM told us that we had to go […]

Molson's Brew 2.0 Event


I woke up to an email inviting me to a big Molson event down at the Burrard Street Brewery next week. It’s an event geared towards some of Vancouver’s web 2.0 saavy people and bloggers that involves sampling various beers as well as a special blogger brew that they have cooking up just for us. It actually sounds like a ton of fun. Given that I can demolish a few beers without much effort, I think I’ll definitely swing by and check it out. A few other of the night’s attractions will be: Kerry Scarsbrook & Gord Rickards, creator of […]



Raymi promised me a tipsy iChat later with her and Phil, which means I need to start drinking. I have so much wine at my place it’s not even funny. Somewhere on the order of 25 bottles I think. But, I’m a bit tired of wine lately. Wall Of Poison So, I think I’m going to go for rum and diet coke, which is pretty much my drink of choice if I’m at a pub these days.

Rainy Friday


Last night I met up with Rebecca and John for some drinks at Fogg ‘N Sudds on Robson Street. It’s pretty much tradition with those two to watch any weekend hockey games down there, and whenever I can, I swing by to sample their fish bowl high ball drinks. Afterwards, we all went over to Trevor’s house and sat around drinking wine. Trevor has a pretty cool penthouse apartment in the West End with a great view of Vancouver. Me and Rebecca, Drinking And here’s a shot of John before the sleep fairy came and took him away: Good times. […]

Hanging with Friends


Last night I went down to Malone’s on Seymour street for a few after-work drinks with Kasia, Chris and Cisco. Afterwards, we decided to make our way down Granville (which eventually brings me home) and stopped by the Granville room for a bottle of wine. I ran into my old friend Brigitte and some of her friends which was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, I drank more than I should have, and had a nice headache most of the day. Tomorrow I’m going to head into work for a bit and catch up on a few things, and then Sunday I’m […]

Back into the swing of things


I haven’t been much of a blogger lately, and I’m not sure why that is. I’ve had a lot of ideas about what would make for some interesting entries, but lately with everything going on I just haven’t really been able to write anything. Hopefully I’ll start to change that. I spent the weekend up at Cultus Lake with John and Rebecca, and I had a great time – check out Rebecca’s entry for all the details. We drank an impressive amount of booze considering we were there for only two nights. Most of my immediately family made it up […]



So tonight John and Rebecca stopped by for some moral support, and we spent the night hanging out, eating BBQ food, watching Trailer Park Boys, listening to music, and of course, having some drinks. It was a really awesome night, and I laughed enough that my face really, really hurts now. I’m definitely chewing two T3’s before bed. I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend close to home, watching movies and hopefully relaxing.

The Aftermath Of My 30th Birthday


Well, it’s now official — not only am I officially 30, but I have also survived my 30th birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a few beers. In my case, thanks to all the shots, I drank way more than I’m used to. While I had a great time, unfortunately I slipped down the stairs at Honey and lost my glasses long enough for a few people to step on them. So, apparently I’ll be visiting the eyeglass store this week to put in a new order. Thanks everyone who popped by. I have a meeting […]

Exhausted, But Ready To Fly!


So, there are a million things I could say about this week, but I’m just too tired.. It’s been long, and I have to get on a plane in less than 24 hours to head to Europe.. It’s nearly 15 hours of travelling, and when I get there it will be cold and snowing. I went out with Derek and Cisco for a few hours tonight, despite being completely bagged. We ended up at Salt in gastown (which is a really wicked wine tasting place). Here’s a shot of me tonight. And here are a few more from the night. […]

Seattle day 2


I had a really good time in Seattle last night. On my way back from my big walking adventure, I saw a pub called “The Blarney Stone” and basically had to stop by to have one drink out of honour of my home town. While sitting at the pub, I tried my first (and probably last) Strongbow beer. If you haven’t had one, you definitely should at least once.. It sort of tastes like apple juice on steroids. It was here that I ran into Sara and Alec and started my drinking adventure of the evening. I had made dinner […]