Buenos Aires, Video Update, Day 34

Here’s a quick video update from Buenos Aires on roughly day 34. And just to clarify – when I was talking about free kisses being awesome, I was referring to the ladies!

Where's Duanedo

Just for yucks, I integrated Google Latitude into the sidebar in my blog section. Google latitude, for those that don’t know, allows people with GPS-enabled devices to share their locations with their friends (I think it can do it based on geo-IP as well, but that’s not super exciting IMO). I’m not entirely sure showing a map with all my friends on it is particularly useful to be honest, but I thought I’d toss my location up on there for something to do. Far better, in my opinion, would be integration with services such as IM, such that I can see my friend’s list sorted by distance to me. That way if I wanted to go to the bar (and […]

Free Falling

Time comes, time goes. Yesterday was June, and today’s September. No fierce battles, only casualties. Last night I picked up a nice steak and threw it on the BBQ. Half way through cooking I ran out of propane. First time in two years that’s happened. I guess change is floating in the air these days, little wisps of something else to do, somewhere else to be. The leaves will fall soon, and then the rain, and then the snow. Turn a few more weathered pages in the book and it’ll be June again. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s cold in here – grab the axe and help chop down another few years for the fire. I miss the autumn. Not the […]

Snowboarders Of The World, Unite!

I’ve decided that I want to go snowboarding a few times this season, starting like right now. I’m definitely going to hit Seymour with Rebecca and John soon, but was wondering if any other of my crazy readers were hitting the slopes this year. If so, where do you normally go? I need people who kind of suck to go with, since I’m pretty much guaranteed to roll down most of the hills. Snowboard, photo by miss604 The good news is that I absolutely hate my powershot camera, and will happily bring it along with the hope that I will a) capture some great, funny moments of me falling and/or b) break it and have to buy a new one. […]

An Update From Fort Duane

Yesterday I didn’t really have much time to blog, and I doubt I will today either. I’ve just been a bit busy with everything. Looking outside right now, it looks like there’s an official snow line in the mountains around downtown, which probably means skiing and snowboarding will start soon. It’s a fairly nice day in Vancouver (in fact, it’s been really nice this winter so far), and you can check out a live feed if you want at KatKam.ca: Live Feed From The Kat Kam That camera is about one block from my apartment. What else is new. Well, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather in terms of my health. Tomorrow is a little party at work, […]

I don’t think it’s really possible. Clearly a $5 Santa hat is what I was missing in life. Normally I’d just leave it as that, but I just did a semi-buzzed iChat with Rebecca and John, and we all just laid the smack down on the word CUTE, so I’m gonna post it here. Yah, you might as well logoff now because you got nothing on that.

Good Vibes For Duane

Hi Duaniacs, Rebecca here. I seriously hope I don’t mess anything up but I just remembered that Duane gave me a login for his site a while back when I did a guest post. Since it’s been two days I thought I would keep the Duane blog alive and give everyone an update. Like Hesty said in a comment on the previous post, Duane has been admitted to St. Paul’s Hospital with pneumonia. Our contact with him has been limited and unfortunately my cell phone likes to send multiple instances of the same message which must be getting annoying for him, and the other patients. I know he doesn’t like to leave his blog dormant for very long so that’s […]

Gonna be some changes around here

I’m pretty beat, having spent a good portion of the day traveling again. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver, with the strong head winds, was almost six hours long – thankfully it was extremely bearable up in business class, thanks to my hot towel and my tasty meals. Despite all the perks associated with business class (and there are many), I think the main one I enjoyed is that the flight attendants and people you encounter all automatically treat you with respect. If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it. If you don’t like your seat, they’ll help you move. Worried about your luggage? No problem — you get a fancy “PRIORITY” tag put on it. Try any […]

The first thing to note is that I cannot seem to find my little Canon camera, and it’s the one I took all the photos with at Rob and Anna’s wedding. So while I’m pretty sure it will turn up, unfortunately I do not have any photos to go with this entry 🙁 Oh well. The wedding was quite lovely, and it was absolutely great to hang out with old friends again. It was a bit shocking to me to remember just how good some of these friends were. I guess my time back in Vancouver has sort of dulled my memory of what Ottawa life was like, but I received a lot of hugs and a lot of people […]

Vacation Entry 4 – Pre-Wedding

I managed to convince the hotel staff to give me a room at around 10:30am yesterday, which meant I could finally grab a few hours of sleep. I woke up close to 3pm, which meant I only had an hour or so before I had to head down to Manotick for the wedding rehearsal. I did a quick tour of downtown Ottawa with the time I had, took a few photos, and then got picked up by Alison. Afterwards, we all headed down to Collenade Pizza about one block from where I used to live in Ottawa. Thirty of us proceeded to catch up on lost time, eat lots of pizza, drink beer, and in general have a really great […]