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Help Iran With A Proxy Server


As many people know, there are protests going on in Iran, and the Iranian government is actively trying to stop the flow of information both in and out of the country. Twitter has been instrumental in helping getting the word out about what is going on there, so much so that they recently postponed a critical maintenance period simply so Iranian users could continue to use the service. A few hours ago I saw some requests on Twitter from Iranians asking for international proxies such that they could continue to use the Internet. Creating the AMI on EC2 Given that I have an EC2 account, and that setting up a proxy isn’t too difficult, I decided to set one up. If you’ve never used EC2 before, this is a great primer article, so I’m not going to do an EC2 tutorial here. First thing I did was to fire up […]

Amazon EC2 Now With Static IP Address


For those of you who follow what goes on in the web services part of the internet, this little tidbit may interest you. Amazon has offered relatively cheap cloud computer for the last year or so, but one of the major downsides was that it didn’t have a static IP address. So if all your machines / images were to crash at the same time (which has happened before due to a power or internet outage), you lose your IP address and potentially may be allocated a new one when you restart your service. Today Amazon announced that they are offered Elastic IP addresses (which is a funky way of saying Static IP addresses). That should make it more appealing for people trying to set up services there.