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Minimizing Distractions

Written on August 24th, 2009

This is the third post in an ongoing business series I’m going to be writing. You can view them all by visiting here. A few years ago I read a book called The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, an interesting book by Tim Ferris. Since that time, I’ve seen Tim talk at least once (maybe twice?), and have read a few other books with similar concepts as the ones presented by Tim. While there are a few things in Tim’s book I don’t entirely agree with, some of his core concepts are fairly […]

How Often Do You Check Your E-Mail?

Written on October 24th, 2008

I moved my desk at work to a recently vacated spot by the window. It’s a nice change being able to look out over Vancouver while I’m at my desk. I have a few minutes to kill here, so I thought I’d post a poll. Here’s today’s question: [poll id=”15″] Also, if you’re doing anything fun this weekend, drop a comment!

Mobile Me-Too

Written on August 11th, 2008

As most people now know, Apple released a full suite of online web applications similar to Google’s offerings just a few weeks ago. Those products, launched under the name “Mobile-Me”, were touted my Steve Jobs as being crucial to the future success of Apple and the iPhone. I’ve been using Mobile-Me for a few weeks now, and I thought I’d give some feedback. Truthfully, it’s a very shoddy alternative to Gmail. I find the website extremely slow, and I have had loads of trouble even logging into the service. The only reason I’m still using the service at all is […]

Spammers, Give The *%(#& Up Already

Written on January 3rd, 2008

Seriously. I look in my spam folder of my gmail account and on my blog every few days, and it’s absolutely ridiculous just how much garbage ends up in it. Between the two I see about 100 or more combined comments/emails per day. It’s just insane. No, I don’t need viagra, or 100 different types of drugs, or some girl in YOURCITY to come over, or to come to your shitty seminar. Please give up already. It’s not like any of these are intelligent either. I bet I could wire up a resistor, a few capacitors, a nine volt battery, […]

A Day Without IM

Written on April 3rd, 2007

Yesterday, partly by chance, and later by design, I found that I didn’t log into an IM client for nearly the entire day. No Jabber, no Yahoo, no Windows Live or whatever they are calling it now — just me, alone with my machine. And it was everything that I thought it would be. Now let me just tell you what a typical day is like for me on IM. I have, quite easily, well over 100 people on my IM client. A small percentage of these are personal (friends and family), but without a doubt, the majority are business […]

When Email Just Isn't Enough

Written on March 11th, 2007

So last night I headed down to the Alibi room for Keri’s 29th birthday party. I got the official invite via a myspace bulletin a while ago, and slotted it into my calender. The piece I apparently forgot I guess was the “RSVP via Email” thing at the bottom. So tonight, I got all dolled up, and headed down there for 10pm. Only problem was nobody else was there.. So, I got myself a drink, and waited. After an hour I realized there were a few holes in my original plan.. Unfortunatley, my cell phone was recently fixed, and I […]