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Quest For Noiselessness


I’ve been striving hard to reduce the amount of online “noise” in my life lately. Without setting any quantitative goals, I’ve been working relentlessly on removing distractions and trying to minimize interruptions. Normally when I wake up I have around 50 messages waiting for me in my inbox. Many of them are automated – comment notifications from WordPress, Google+ messages, Facebook, etc, but they are still things I need to deal with, even if it’s just to identify that they belong in the trash. Every email I receive and have to deal with probably notches my background stress level up slightly during the day. Without a doubt, on days where I don’t receive many emails or notifications, I tend to get a lot more done. A few months ago I wrote a script to start sorting some of my email on the server using IMAP. The benefit of this is […]

Come Work For Us!


I get enough of these types of emails that I basically don’t even really read them any more. Hi Duane, For the release of a future worldwide success story, I’m urgently looking for a Linux debugging expert with very strong knowledges of C/C++! They’re implementing the ANDROID (Java) mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel, then looking for someone who knows Android architecture and API’s. To resume: -Strong C/C++ knowledges -Experience with Linux Kernel development, and various Linux distributions -Testing, and Linux/Unix development skills You love Brussels, are excited by working in an international environment with offshore team, and available ASAP, this is your job. Here are a couple of things that bother me when I get these: I’m not really a Linux expert, something they’d know if they scanned my resume on this site. I also don’t have any ANDROID experience The grammar and spelling are screwy in […]