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Word Lens Language Translation App for iPhone


My friend John sent me this link. I think you have to watch the video to truly appreciate the application: Basically it’s an iPhone application that can translate (in real time) between Spanish and English. Obviously the grammar is a tad off since the words don’t get reordered, but I can imagine a lot of really great uses for this on my trip. I’m going to grab a copy and play around with it this weekend. But definitely cool.

WordPress Without Borders, Round Two


Thanks to everyone who left some feedback the other day about the new translation plugin. I’ve had some really great comments about it, and even the odd person that’s really anxious to test it out. I’m hoping to put a version up online tonight for people to download and try for themselves. For those people who didn’t catch it, what I did was write a WordPress plugin that takes advantage of the Google AJAX language API to dynamically translate the content of my blog into whatever language you as a reader ask for (by adjusting your browser settings). This works in both directions: blog entries will be converted into other languages, and comments left in other languages will be converted as well. So basically, as a reader of this blog you can read it in whatever language you want, and comment in whatever language you want. Check out the comments […]