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Samsung attempting to end format war


This is an obvious play, but I’ve been waiting a long time for it to happen. Samsung has announced a new dual format (HD-DVD/Blue-Ray) DVD player, which basically means it will play everything on the market: Samsung’s HD disc player was going to be the first to do both HD DVD and Blu-ray completely right. But now, it’s perfect: Samsung just sent us an alert saying the dual-format BD-UP5000 Duo HD player will come hardware-ready for BD Profile 1.1—at least 256MB of internal storage, secondary audio and video decoders, virtual file system. You realize that the rest of the Blu-players this fall totally lack this, and it’s a wonder how Sony and everyone else can get away selling old spec Blu players while calling them new. This player ends that, and is the only one we recommend. At the risk of being hyperbolic, this player could be the beginning of […]

Dark City


One of my favourite movies of all time is a science fiction flick called “Dark City.” Brennen and Jeff took me to it at the UBC theatre years ago, and we were all blown away. Surprisingly, not many people have watched it or even heard of it. When it came out, Roger Ebert took notice and gave it four stars, even going on to compare it to Pulp Fiction in terms of its cinematic perfection. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest that you check it out. The row boat scene near the end is one of my favourite all time scenes in any movie I’ve watched (along the lines of the DeNiro – Pacino coffee-shop banter in “Heat”). Here’s a decent write up about it as well.