No, I'm Not Dead

Turns out I haven’t written anything in almost two weeks now. Truthfully, I almost completely forgot about my blog, partially a consequence of not having anything to write about, and partially due to all the things I have going on lately. I’ve actually quite enjoyed taking a break, and don’t really think you’ll see much in the way of content over the next few months, other than a post here and there when I’m bored or have something on my mind. If you want, follow my Twitter stream for some random amusement. I spent the last weekend pretty close to home. My friend Jeff had a birthday party for his 3 year old daughter on Saturday morning, so I went […]

On The Olympic Agenda

I’m going to have to spend some time going through all my friends’ previous posts about the Olympics, because truthfully, I really have no idea where any cool events or things to see or do are, other than the actual events. It sounds like there are a lot of international houses that are worth visiting, as well as a few pubs (although based on some of the Tweets, the prices seem rather incredible for beer, even by Vancouver standards). As it stands, I have a few events to attend next week already. There’s a party/event on Robson I’ve been invited to, which I may swing by and check out. There’s also a Molson tasting for the new Rickard’s Dark which […]

The End Is The Beginning

I haven’t slept that much lately. In San Francisco the sun would rise around 6am and wake me up. Normally I’d be ok simply falling back asleep, but that just hasn’t been working lately. Surprisingly though, I haven’t been tired. If anything, I’ve found myself a lot more energetic than usual. For example, this morning I woke up at 7am and decided to go to the gym. It was a bit tough, given that I hadn’t had any real food yet, but I felt pretty awesome when it was over, especially considering I started my work day at my usual time and had already got some exercise in. I think I’m going to try making that my standard routine, at […]

Lots of Sleep

I ended up doing a bunch of work on Saturday night, and just hung out close to home. A quick twitter by me saying I was going to have a few casual drinks at my place led to Dave showing up for a few beers. After that, we went down to the Six Acres to meet up with Trevor, and then ultimately over to Matt’s house for a few quick drinks. When I got home that night, I realized just how tired I was. I passed out on the couch around 4am, and quite literally woke up sometime around 5pm last night. I got up here and there to answer my phone and check email, but I just couldn’t force […]

Molson's Brew 2.0 Event

I woke up to an email inviting me to a big Molson event down at the Burrard Street Brewery next week. It’s an event geared towards some of Vancouver’s web 2.0 saavy people and bloggers that involves sampling various beers as well as a special blogger brew that they have cooking up just for us. It actually sounds like a ton of fun. Given that I can demolish a few beers without much effort, I think I’ll definitely swing by and check it out. A few other of the night’s attractions will be: Kerry Scarsbrook & Gord Rickards, creator of Rickard’s Red, will be in attendance. Molson Brewery founder John Molson’s great-great-great-great-grandson, Geoff Molson, will be there and will be […]

The following is a guest post by the always lovely Shira Lazar. Shira is an amazing reporter based out of Los Angeles, and was nice enough to offer to help me out with a guest posting. You can read more about Shira Lazar on her main site, or head on over and check out her blog, The Pop Report. Thanks again Shira! After a few hours of sleep, I’m back and ready to rumble in San Fran. My fellow Canuck and blogger, Duane Storey, has been doing a 24-hour blogathon for charity starting last night at 10pm and has been getting friends to do guest entries- so here’s my contribution. Last night at the Techcrunch August Capital Meetup, they had […]

Vancouver Taboo Sex Show, 2008

Last night, Rebecca and Trevor told me about the sex show this weekend taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center. Since I’ve never been to one, and haven’t had an opportunity to take my camera out in a few weeks, I decided to head down and check it out. Live Entertainment In terms of layout and logistics, it was like any other tech conference I had ever been at. There were tons of booths, some of which made sense given the aim of the sex show, and some which obviously shouldn’t have been there. One that comes to mind is Sun Life Financial in the back corner. Seriously, do you really expect many people to sign up for a bank […]