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Exposure Bracketing for HDR Images


I’ve been experimenting with high dynamic range (HDR) images for a few months now, and so far I really love the effect that you can get with photos. At least in my eyes, HDR images generally seem to look a bit more natural than a typical shot that doesn’t have a large dynamic range. Unfortunately, this whole field is more of an art than a science currently, so getting the perfect HDR shot is a bit of trial and error (and in a lot of cases, the end result isn’t always appealing). My tool of choice right now is undoubtedly Photomatix, and I use it almost exclusively when generating HDR shots. I’ve played around a bit with Photoshop CS2’s HDR generator, but to be honest, it’s really rather weak. One of the main difficulties in generating HDR shots is that they usually require a tripod. Since I rarely have a […]