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TweetDuJour – The Best Twitters On The Web


Over a few beers a few weeks ago at the AdHack launch party, Jay Grandin and I started talking about Twitter and thought it would be pretty cool to have some place to showcase all the best tweets from the web. We did a quick domain name check and realized that TweetDuJour.com was available. Since I had my iPhone with me, I quickly purchased it. After work tonight I decided to finally whip something together really quick for it. We created a user on Twitter called TDJ (Tweet Du Jour) and tied its @replies into the TweetDuJour website. We’re hoping people who encounter cool Tweet’s during the day will retweet then, prefixing the tweet with @tdj so that it ends up showing on the TweetDuJour.com site. Eventually we’ll moderate the Tweet Du Jours, but for now we’ll allow them all to go through. We think it’s a pretty fun idea, […]