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Entry #40: New iPhone Firmware About To Be Released


We’re up to about $530 now. I’m hoping we can hit $1000, which means we basically need about $100 an hour. That’s a big goal, and I’ll need the help of every reader to pull it off. If you want to know more information about the United Gospel Mission, please head over to their website or send me a personal email via my contact page. When the iPhone 3G came out a few weeks ago, along with it came the new 2.0 firmware that brought many new features, including the coveted application store. Unfortunately, with the update came a pile of bugs, including problems with the GPS unit, and a completely unresponsive user interface. The good news is that the new 2.1 firmware is due to be released any day now. Hopefully that will bring a pile of fixes and make the iPhone 3G usable. Right now there are random […]

24 Hours With The iPhone 3G


I’ve been messing around with the iPhone 3G pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours. For the most part, it has exceeded my expectations. First, being able to check your email or surf the web from any location is a pretty awesome feature. For example, today I was at the beach with some friends and we noticed that the tide was slowly creeping up the shore. I quickly fired up Safari, did a Google search for “Vancouver Tide Table”, and determined that high tide was in about two hours. As most people know, the iPhone 2.0 firmware brings with it the iPhone application store. I’ve already purchased two applications, the premium Twitterific app and the Flickr app. The Twitterific app is a bit more polished, but the Flickr app is fully functional and will probably make life with Flickr that much easier. One application that is notably missing is […]

WRT54G Wireless Router


My wireless connection at home is made possible by the WRT54G router, which is a pretty popular router for reasons I’ll explain. When the router first came out, inquisitive people soon found out that it was based on a modified Linux distribution. Since Linux is GPL, the people using the WRT54G put pressure on the makers of the router to release the firmware for it via open source, since to not do so would be in violation of the GPL license. So, after finally caving in to public pressure, the WRT54G firmware was released to the public. Several variations exist of the firmware, so tonight I went about trying to upgrade mine to try and improve some wireless problems I’ve been having. So, after doing a bit of research, I downloaded the latest beta of the DD-WRT firmware and upgraded my device. The good news is that my wireless problems […]