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The Splenda Experiment


As I mentioned a few days ago, I decided to try giving up Splenda to see if that helps my stomach out at all. Splenda is a sugar substitute (technically called Sucralose), and it’s chemically similar to sugar, although it has a few chlorine atoms added on which makes it mostly indigestible. Unfortunately, since most sugar substitutes essentially can’t be processed by the body, they can sometimes cause some distress as they pass through. At the top of that list are certain sugar alcohols (which are used in gum and lots of chocolates), which sometimes have a strong laxative affect. I came up with two working theories to my own stomach problems — one was that they may be caused by carbonated beverages (such as diet pepsi), and the other involves Splenda. My main reasoning was that in periods of time where both of those were reduced (such as when […]