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How To Reprogram Keys And Fobs On A Mazda 3


Not that long ago I lost my only accessible set of keys to my Mazda 3 Sport. I have a spare set somewhere, but thought at the time that they were probably buried in the back of my storage locker in Chilliwack. Going out to Chilliwack to get them may have been an option if, you know, the key to the storage locker wasn’t also on the same keychain that was lost. Ultimately I had to tow my car to Mazda and get them to give me two new keys, both of which were entered into the onboard computer to allow them to actually start the car. Since that time I’ve reclaimed the set of keys that were lost as well as my spare set of keys. That’s great in that I now have all those items back, but unfortunately neither the FOBs (the wireless units that open and close […]