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T-Minus Thirty Days


Today is December 4th, which means at around 9am exactly 30 days from now I’ll be aboard a plane slowly climbing out of Vancouver airport and heading towards Houston. I have a six hour layover in Houston airport, after which I’ll be boarding an evening 10.5 hour flight for Buenos Aires, Argentina, arriving around 9am in the morning there. So, a full 24 hours of traveling from airport to airport. This last month has been quite stressful. It’s one thing to move from one apartment to another, but a different experience entirely moving from one apartment to no-where. Instead of transferring items such as tenant insurance, I am instead cancelling them, and the procedures are generally more involved. Same for cable, hydro, car insurance, etc. The one thing I would have done differently is that I probably would have rented a U-haul truck and tried to get most of the […]