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How Often Do You Check Your E-Mail?


I moved my desk at work to a recently vacated spot by the window. It’s a nice change being able to look out over Vancouver while I’m at my desk. I have a few minutes to kill here, so I thought I’d post a poll. Here’s today’s question: [poll id=”15″] Also, if you’re doing anything fun this weekend, drop a comment!

Thank God It's Friday


Ahh yes.. Friday.. So exciting.. This was a really good week. I hung out with friends, got some stuff done in the office, and have a pile of fun things to do this weekend. After work I’m meeting up with Rebecca, Kasia and maybe Keira for some wings and beer. Life’s rough I know. Plus on the way over I want to buy a flash diffuser over at Leo’s Camera on Granville, something that I used at the last wedding I shot and wished I actually owned. Tomorrow there are two parties, one for Rebecca’s birthday and one for Kasia’s. […]