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Entry #39: Five More Hours To Go


Well, there’s only five hours left in my first blogathon. It’s actually been a pile of fun, even though I’m fairly exhausted. I want to give a big round of applause to everyone that’s been a part of this event, especially those that are also nearing the end (and thankfully, get to go to bed soon). There’s a third shift starting tonight at 10pm, so there will be plenty to read tonight. And while the blog entries and those who pen them are obviously to be commended, I think we need to all remember our respective charities, and remember the causes we are all fighting for. While I spent all last night night sitting on my couch writing blog entries, over 1000 people were sleeping outside on a sidewalk somewhere, wondering if someone might steal their belongings in the night, or stressing out wondering where their next meal would come […]