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Visiting The Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires


This last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the world renowned Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires. Outside of Japan, they are some of the largest Japanese Gardens in the world, and I have been looking forward to visiting them ever since I arrived. The Japanese Gardens are located in Buenos Aires, just north of the Palermo area and the Buenos Aires zoo. I walked there from my apartment near Paraguay and Gurrachuga, and it took me about 30 minutes or so to get there. This was the first real trip I had done in Buenos Aires where I decided […]

Better Luck Next Year


While out watering my tomato plants outside tonight, I noticed that a few of the roma tomatoes were looking a bit limp. Upon further investigation, it appears that not only are they ripening a bit early, they also have some weird dark spot on the bottom of most of the fruits. I did a bit of research, and it sounds exactly like blossom end rot. Blossom end rot typically is a result of lack of calcium, which in a lot of cases is due to inconsistencies in moisture or large temperature swings. Given that my plants got pretty dry there […]

First Item From The Garden


As I’m sitting here writing this, my face is covered in snot and I can barely feel my tongue or my lips. I just made what must be one of the hottest pico de gallo dishes in recorded history. You think it was hot outside there today in Vancouver? I’m pretty sure it was way hotter in that bowl of pico. One of my hot red peppers was ready tonight on my patio, as well as a few yellow banana peppers. I wasn’t really sure what to make for dinner, so I decided to have a light dinner of pico […]

The Tomato Plant Slave


Yes, that’s all I’ve become. I wake up, I go outside, my plants get mad at me, and I spend the morning watering them and looking after them. For those who are just joining the saga, I planted a few tomato plants on my patio at the end of May. I’ve watched them grow, seen them fall down a few times, nursed them back to health, and in return, I’ve been rewarded by the growth of a pile of little tiny tomatoes. One of the challenges with growing fruits and vegetables on your patio is that it’s really hard to […]

Entry #23 – Home Garden


I moved into a new apartment in January, and for the first time in ages, had a decent sized patio. Since my patio faces south (and subsequently, receives a lot of afternoon soon), I figured I would try growing a few different vegetables. When I started, I had just a few planters, and it looked something like this: When things started sprouting, I got excited and decided to plant a few more things. Here’s a shot a few weeks after I started: I haven’t taken any photos of it in a while, but here’s a shot I took a few […]

Home Garden


I’m interrupting my photo entries for a quick post about my home garden. As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided the other day that I wanted to try growing a few things on my patio. I used to help my grandma with her garden when I was a kid, and I have fond memories out in the back of her house playing in the dirt. My patio in Chilliwack is about twice the size as my patio was in Vancouver, so I’m definitely sure I have the room now to grow a few vegetables. I swung by the […]