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Microsoft Extends 44 Billion Dollar Offer For Yahoo!


Wow, what can I say. That is a pretty impressive sum of money. I read this before going to bed last night on Digg, but I thought it was fake. Turns out that Microsoft has just extended a 44 billion dollar offer for Yahoo! To be honest, Google has really handed Yahoo! their hand in search. I personally don’t know anyone that uses Yahoo to do search, although I’ve been told it’s still fairly popular in Asia. I have friends over at Yahoo!, and I once showed them my web logs from my blog indicating that something like 98% of […]

Google Adds In-Site Search To Analytics


I’m not entirely sure if this is a new feature or not, but I use analytics all the time (and if you don’t, you should promptly head over and sign up for an account), and I don’t remember seeing it until just a few minutes ago. It appears Google now has a new analytics section where you can track internal searches on your blog. So while Google Analytics already shows you how other people are reaching your site from Google, you can now see how people are navigating within your site based on searches within your blogging platform. To configure […]

Folksonomy Updates


One of the changes I made on the site the other day was the inclusion of wordpress related entries plugin when viewing single posts. Unfortunately wordpress has completely overhauled their folksonomy system in the 2.3 version, and not all my posts are tagged properly. In fact, I’d say only about 20% of them really are. I’m going to try and do about 10 of my old posts a day or something like that to try and get them up to snuff, but it’s a fairly boring process, only made possible by this bottle of pinot beside me. In other fairly […]

Vancouver Blogger War, Round Two


Well, well. Lookie what we have here.. Somehow, Google is in a state of flux. My top #1 position has indeed been usurped, but thankfully I still have a few weeks to get it back. I’m not going to get too excited about daily changes, but I definitely don’t want to lose out, especially after all my trash talking. So, I’ll see if I can pull a few aces out of my sleeve in the next week or so. At the very least, this is a pretty neat exercise in the realm of search engine optimization. You can read about […]

Better Ways To Get To My Blog


I went through my google analytics this morning for a few minutes. The one thing that surprised me was those of you who somehow get to my site by typing “duanestorey.com” into a google search. If you are part of the 219 people who did that last month, here’s a little tip for you. Up top in your browser is a little white thing we like to call the “Address Bar”. You can simply go up there and type in either “duanestorey.com” or “www.duanestorey.com” into it and press enter, which should immediately take you to my website. You’re more than […]

A Day Without IM


Yesterday, partly by chance, and later by design, I found that I didn’t log into an IM client for nearly the entire day. No Jabber, no Yahoo, no Windows Live or whatever they are calling it now — just me, alone with my machine. And it was everything that I thought it would be. Now let me just tell you what a typical day is like for me on IM. I have, quite easily, well over 100 people on my IM client. A small percentage of these are personal (friends and family), but without a doubt, the majority are business […]