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Gordon Campbell, BC’s Premier, Resigns


It doesn’t really come as a big surprise, but Gordon Campbell just stepped down as the premier of British Columbia. Between his handling of the Olympics and the controversy surrounding the harmonized sales tax (HST), a tax he promised not to introduce prior to getting elected, it’s no wonder most people are completely dissatisfied with his performance. I suspect the liberal party were hoping that Campbell’s announcement of a 15% income tax reduction starting in 2011 would offset the disappointment with the HST, but after his lacklustre televised address the other day, it was probably clear his ratings weren’t going to go up anytime soon. So, I’m guessing he was pushed out in hopes that the liberal party may have a small chance during the next election. I’m personally thankful that this represents an opportunity to get some fresh blood into BC’s leadership. Given Gordon Campbell’s recent performance and some […]

Campbell’s Speech About The HST


I didn’t see it live, but I read the highlights, and it’s pretty much exactly what I thought it would sound like. Whenever I see Gordon Campbell talk, I can’t help me feel that he’s talking down to everyone, and that’s the perception I was left with after reading his speech. First, he apologized for not giving the province a heads up about the HST, but Ottawa didn’t give him enough time. If that doesn’t sound like the biggest copout ever, I don’t know what would. Even if that’s true, you gotta wonder about any deal that’s shoved down your throat with a ticking stopwatch attached to it. Second, while I like having more money in my pocket, I’ve never really understood why politicians give tax breaks when they are running big deficits. While, I guess I do understand, it’s obviously political. But ultimately it just puts the province further […]

Twitter Is A Medium For Conversation, Not Just Broadcasting


By no means am I a twitter expert. In fact, I’m not really even certain what that moniker means. Saying you’re an expert at Twitter is like saying you’re an expert at talking, or being able to hold a conversation. Sure, you have to understand what an @ sign does, and how to direct message someone, but other than that Twitter is just another tool in a wide arsenal of technology that allows people to establish and build relationships. I used to only follow my friends on Twitter. Even though I replied to most @ messages directed at me, I didn’t follow everyone back, simply because I wanted to keep my list manageable. About a week ago I decided to change that, I ended up following back most people (my criteria being that they needed a profile photo and also needed to demonstrate a real interest in having conversations). If […]