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Open Source Business Models


I’ll be going to BarCamp Vancouver in October, and one of the sessions I’m thinking about trying to organize is one about open-source business models. Given that BraveNewCode releases several open-source, GPL plugins, this is an area that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about lately. Truthfully, our WPtouch plugin represents well over a thousand hours of work. For a while there, Dale and I both dedicated the majority of Fridays to updating and enhancing our plugins, including WordTwit. And while donations on these products are great, truthfully the amount received is only enough to buy a bit of beer now and again, and not enough to even come close to financing these projects directly. Obviously, our plugins have a lot of indirect benefits, such as increased exposure of our website and allowing us to be further involved in the community. But I believe there are ways to […]