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Canadian Mint Offers 99.99% Silver Grizzly


Sexy, that’s what I’ll say. When I first looked into purchasing a few silver coins, I did it under the assumption that the coins would mostly be worth value due to their intrinsic silver content (called the ‘melt value’). While some collectors coins fetch a hefty premium on top of their melt value, most bullion and high purity coins are mainly traded for their metal content. That said, I read a post recommending the purchase of the Canadian Mint’s “Silver Wolf” coin a while ago as opposed to the Silver Maples since the author claimed they would fetch more value in the after market. Sure enough, a quick browse of eBay showed many $30 coins fetching around $50. The reason? According to the author “there’s always some old grandma that wants to get a wolf coin for her grandkid.” Compared to bullion, coins are a good investment because they are […]